The Hon. Cornelius Moriarty 2nd said a 2014 decision by the town historic commission to deny the demolition of an old house was deficient.
Around the Island, where some towns showcase three centuries of architectural history, historic preservation is a topic for discussion and debate.
An excavation on Uncas avenue in Oak Bluffs late last week dug up a bit of history from the pre-electricity era on the Island.
Martin Bayerle is the subject of an eight-part series on the History Channel called Billion Dollar Wreck, which chronicles his latest attempt to...
From the March 8, 1940 edition of the Vineyard Gazette: Well, it’s March, and March is the first spring month.
Petrified wooden timbers and bent iron fastenings of a large sailing ship suddenly jutted out of the sands of East Beach on Chappaquiddick two weeks...
Martha’s Vineyard Museum is launching an exhibit that celebrates the Island’s inventors throughout the years.
In 1885 Parnell Smith Pease of the Vineyard joined her husband on a whaling trip aboard the Alaska. Her diary is up for auction on Thursday at Swann...
Nathaniel Philbrick’s book In the Heart of the Sea, on which the movie is based, tells a tale of horror.