There is a furious urgency about July which is lost sight of only because the month is warm and sometimes languorous.
The history of Martha’s Vineyard during the American Revolution does not always offer patently reassuring images.
On Thursday, July 7, David Foster will present Historic Insights to the Vineyard’s Future: Henry Whiting and the Map of 1850.
Only a few years ago everyone who wanted to use a telephone on the Vineyard had to turn the little hand crank on the telephone box.
The Creative Drama Women in History theatre program brought history alive for Island youth.
Over the past few years, the four largest Steamship Authority ferries have acquired historic steamboat whistles.
It is likely that regular boat service between Martha’s Vineyard and the mainland was being operated by 1800.
The class of 1960, besides being the first class to have the distinction to be graduated from the new school, had been in many respects a test class.
Historic Movies of Martha’s Vineyard will present a selection of film clips, some dating to the 1920s, next Wednesday at the MV Film Center.