On a black night almost 37 years ago, August 11, 1883, a summer visitor stood on Vineyard Haven wharf.
Abby Ginzberg and fellow Cornell graduate Frank Dawson have created a documentary called Agents of Change, which was released last February.
David McCullough and Evan Thomas, two presidential historians with long ties to Martha's Vineyard, share their perspectives on the 2016 presidential...
When Lady Bird Johnson walks among wildflowers at the home of an Island friend near Watcha Pond, she steps lightly and speaks gently.
Martha’s Vineyard history comes alive again on the big screen on Wednesday, August 10.
Perhaps at sometime in the distant future, the Island of Martha’s Vineyard may be referred to as Greater Martha’s Vineyard.
From the Cottagers’ Corner column in the July 1969 editions of the Vineyard Gazette by Dorothy West.
Film footage of Vineyard Haven shot in 1933 is not only some of the earliest film shot in color on Martha’s Vineyard, but also some of the earliest...
Of all the interesting historical spots on Martha’s Vineyard, none is more picturesque than the Brickyard in Chilmark.
Last week Doris Clark of Vineyard Haven became the first African American to lead the Martha’s Vineyard Seacoast Defense chapter of the Daughters of...
On Thursday night David Foster discussed the significance of a map created in 1850 by Henry Whiting that details the entirety of Martha's Vineyard.
There is a furious urgency about July which is lost sight of only because the month is warm and sometimes languorous.