Eel Pond, anciently so named, is no longer a pond. From some points of view it has the character of an inland sea.
New exhibit at Martha’s Vineyard Museum explores the characters and figures from the heyday of Island whaling that often go unnoticed.
For many Islanders, the chairs and benches at the Oak Bluffs Tabernacle are synonymous with the place itself. Now the iconic 19th century seating...
The town historical commission will delay the demolition of a well-known house thought to have been a British headquarters during Grey’s Raid in 1778...
Edgartown Weighs HIstoric District Expansion
Picking up on efforts that began more than 40 years ago, Edgartown voters will decide next week whether to more than double the size of their...
The Friends of the Edgartown Library announce the publication of a new book, The Edgartown Free Public Library 1891-2016.
The Hon. Cornelius Moriarty 2nd said a 2014 decision by the town historic commission to deny the demolition of an old house was deficient.
Around the Island, where some towns showcase three centuries of architectural history, historic preservation is a topic for discussion and debate.
An excavation on Uncas avenue in Oak Bluffs late last week dug up a bit of history from the pre-electricity era on the Island.