I stand corrected. I’ve never given much thought or credit to the Rose of Sharon.
Here it is Labor Day, the end of another summer. The days have shortened. I’m glad of that fact.
I am pretty grateful that we were spared once again from possible disaster from another hurricane. I enjoyed my day inside.
I finally got my first mosquito bite. I was becoming somewhat smug. I do think as one ages one is not as tasty.
I am actually looking forward to the end of summer. There is entirely too much to do. I know this is not true for you lucky few who vacation here.
I love rain. Unless it is torrential or there is lightning. I can put on appropriate clothing and be outside. I never mind being wet.
I’ve just about had it with fighting Mother Nature. Between the bugs and bunnies in the vegetable garden, fleas in the house, a huge deer in the...
I I’m much happier in the sixties. I’m talking temperature not the decades, although that works, too! What a week — nationwide. I am very grateful...
I have two methods of last resort for weeding. I take a shovel to the huge clumps of grass and flop them over.