One Good Dog Deserves Another
Glynis Hart
Susan Wilson’s new novel, Two Good Dogs, follows more developments in the life of Adam March and his battle-scarred pitbull, Chance, who were first introduced in her bestseller One Good Dog.
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Sisterly Secrets Keep the Action Humming in Debut Novel
Moira C. Silva
Emily Cavanagh’s debut novel, The Bloom Girls, is a soulful tale of sisters struggling to face unique personal challenges after their father’s untimely death.
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Where Land Meets Sea: Book Retraces Geological Story of the Island
Tom Dunlop
David R. Foster’s new book, A Meeting of Land and Sea: Nature and the Future of Martha’s Vineyard, weaves dynamic tales of geology, ecology, history and culture into a vast Vineyard story.
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New Chappaquiddick Book Presses Theory of Third Person
Jim Kaplan
A new book by a Vineyard author tackles an old controversy. Anyone interested in the 1969 Chappaquiddick tragedy will find it compelling reading.
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Romancing the Vineyard, Book by Book
Mike Kotsopoulos
What’s the difference between romance and women’s fiction? Writer Jean Stone hears this question over and over.
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Nancy Drew Fan to D.A. to Prolific Author; Guilty as Charged
Elizabeth Bennett
Like millions of people around the world, Linda Fairstein grew up reading Nancy Drew novels.
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New Book Celebrates Artists of the Island, One Essay at a Time
Louisa McCullough
On Tuesday evening, weavers and woodworkers, hair stylists and musicians traveled from all corners of the Island to celebrate the launch of Jane Dreeben’s book, The Urge to Create: 50 Vineyard Portraits.
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Through Stages of Grief, Author Gets to Heart of Being a Teenager
Bill Eville
Alexandra Coutts’s latest young adult novel Young Widows Club is indeed about a young widow. The main character Tamsen Baird is just 17. This is the West Tisbury author’s fourth book.
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Author Tracks Decline of Fisheries
Mark Alan Lovewell
Three years have passed since the publication of the book, The Mortal Sea, but its impact continues. The 378-page history of the dramatic decline of fish in the western Atlantic took 10 years of investigative work to write.
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Spreading the Love of Food Around
Louisa McCullough

Dan Pashman's book is called Eat More Better, and it spells out the precise ways in which a person can improve his or her eating experience.

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