From Pond to Page, the Story of A Magical Summer Resident

Vanessa the green sea serpent basks in the sun from Memorial Day to Labor Day in a shallow pond off Beach Road. In the past three decades, she has had babies, nearly drowned in Hurricane Bob and posed for countless photos. And this summer, she has a book.

Finding Stillness Amid Deep Emotions

On the day Jennifer Tseng’s daughter was born, her father called her at the hospital. He called to congratulate her, but also to tell her he was having health problems which at the time were unknown. The illness turned out to be terminal cancer.

Red Flower, White Flower is Ms. Tseng’s first book of poetry since that phone call. In it she looks at the intersection between the extreme emotions that came in the years after her daughter’s birth, and the ways that these emotions converge.

Discover the Island, One Step at a Time

There are beetlebung trees and pinkletinks to identify, a heath hen sculpture to find and constantly changing landscapes to behold at either end of the Island. The Vineyard is a place of natural discovery and a new field guide hopes to capture just that.

Three Friends Capture Vineyard's Place in World War II

Authors met on Thursdays for lunch and their friendship led to writing a book on the Vineyard's place in history during World War II.

Speaking Comes Easy at State Road Restaurant

Ward Just and Paul Schneider will be the featured speakers at a Speakeasy evening held at State Road Restaurant on May 14 to benefit the West Tisbury Library Foundation.

Staying True to the Muse by Staying True to Emotion

At age 81 Oak Bluffs poet laureate Michael Achille prefers the quiet side of inspiration. As for advice on the poetic life, he says, “you have to be a real feeling person and just have an interest in things.”

Those Were the Days: Author Relives Sixties in First Novel

Was it fun growing up in the sixties? The question sparked Amy Reece's first novel, Regarding Jeffrey, which evoke the era from 1964 to 1970.

Attention Must Be Paid Today

Daniel Goleman, the best selling author of Emotional Intelligence, has written a new book about how paying attention is a crucial factor of success. He describes the book as an argument for why we should care about focus.

Pipelines and Pulitzers

Pulitzer prize-winning author Tony Horwitz will lead a discussion surrounding his new ebook BOOM: Oil, Money, Cowboys, Strippers, and the Energy Rush that Could Change America Forever.

New Novel Puts Faith to the Test

At age 21 Rick Herrick wrote a letter to Princeton University’s religion department declining his acceptance into their New Testament PhD program.