Rebounding Shorebirds Flock to Sandy Expanse at Norton Point

The sky above Norton Point Beach was swarming with terns on a cloudy day this week, as tiny chicks — newly hatched and full of life — raced around on the sand below.

Best of the Birds

Bob Shriber's yard in Aquinnah was the hot spot on August 26 as he spotted a yellow-billed cuckoo, which has been very rare on the Vineyard this summer.

The Eagle Has Landed, This Time in Edgartown

Noah Galley was carrying grain to the family barn when when he saw a large bird flying in short bursts across the property. He identified the bird as a juvenile bald eagle. The young bird has been rescued for possible rehabilitation by noted naturalist Gus Ben David.

Migration In Motion

I had an inkling that migratory movement was afoot when I received a call from Laurie Reese of Abel’s Hill. She reported two yellow warblers and two ovenbirds feeding in a mini flock in her yard.

Picture This

We usually don’t start seeing black-legged kittiwakes from the Island beaches until October, unless we have a storm from the north prior to that month.

Ospreys' Winning Year

Gus Ben David and crew’s osprey poles are now the proud surfaces on which 83 osprey pairs are nesting.

Osprey By the Numbers

Rob Bierregaard was introduced to the Vineyard’s osprey population by Gus Ben David and has been studying the Vineyard’s ospreys since the 1960s.

Reigning Raptors

There are a lot of eagles, hawks, falcons and owls around the Island. These large birds are always fun to see and many people continue to report them.

Snowy Owl Invasion

There have been three very interesting sightings this past week. One is of snowy owls that were seen and photographed in two locations.

Western Kingbirds Arrive

The thought of alerting bird watchers to make sure their bird baths are full on Oct. 31 never crossed my mind. However, I find that with this drought, the birds in my yard and the woods and fields that surround my home are looking hard for sources of water.