Flights of Fancy, Second Nature for Feathered Friends

Last February the talk was of the lack of red-breasted mergansers. The plight of the mighty mergansers wore on you.

Northern Goshawk and Flocks of Fish Crows

The bird of the week is Lanny McDowell’s sighting of what appears to be a northern goshawk — a species seldom observed here.

Preparing for Christmas Bird Count

Is it possible to count all the birds on the Island? On Friday, Dec. 30. about 60 people will try to do just that.

Kids' Bird Count and Black-Chinned Hummingbird

On Dec. 11 the first ever Christmas Bird Count for kids was held at Long Point Wildlife Refuge.

Happy Hummingbirds Linger on Vineyard

Any hummingbird in November or December is newsworthy.

White-Winged Dove Arrives, Sounds Like She's Singing

Far and away the most unusual species this week is the white-winged dove.

Rebounding Shorebirds Flock to Sandy Expanse at Norton Point

The sky above Norton Point Beach was swarming with terns on a cloudy day this week, as tiny chicks — newly hatched and full of life — raced around on the sand below.

Best of the Birds

Bob Shriber's yard in Aquinnah was the hot spot on August 26 as he spotted a yellow-billed cuckoo, which has been very rare on the Vineyard this summer.

The Eagle Has Landed, This Time in Edgartown

Noah Galley was carrying grain to the family barn when when he saw a large bird flying in short bursts across the property. He identified the bird as a juvenile bald eagle. The young bird has been rescued for possible rehabilitation by noted naturalist Gus Ben David.

Migration In Motion

I had an inkling that migratory movement was afoot when I received a call from Laurie Reese of Abel’s Hill. She reported two yellow warblers and two ovenbirds feeding in a mini flock in her yard.