Wind at Her Back, Full Sail Ahead
Ivy Ashe
Casey Blum, 24, is about to embark on her first season as captain of Alabama. She’s the first woman to captain the 90-foot schooner, and the youngest captain to sail Alabama since the ship began its second life on the Vineyard.
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From Wilderness to Pulpit, Listening to Whispers of the Heart
Mollie Doyle
The Rev. Cathlin Baker was staying a small hotel room in Cuba while attending an international women’s rights conference when she heard the call to the ministry.
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A Life Still Lived at Two Speeds; Wow! and What Was That?
Bill Eville
It began with Yogi Bear and Boo Boo. Scooby-Doo helped, too. The year was 1977 and Andy Heyward was in his early 20s working his first real job. Never mind that the job consisted entirely of sweeping out a warehouse and getting his boss sandwiches at the nearby deli. His boss was Joseph Barbera who with William Hanna was essentially the entire cartoon industry at the time.
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On Field and in Classroom, Valedictorian Keeps Eye on the Ball
Ivy Ashe
Skim the record books for the past four years of high school soccer, basketball and baseball, and you’ll notice a recurring name. Skim the grade books at the high school and you’ll notice the name again, this time at the top of the class, in the valedictorian spot for the class of 2013. Who is this Jack Roberts guy?
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Senior Gustavo Simoes Makes the Cut: Center Goes from Futbol to Football
Max Hart

When taken out of context, listening to Gustavo Simoes talk about football can be quite confusing.

"I played football all the time as a kid in Brazil," the high school senior and Vineyarders center said after practice Monday. "And I had seen football on TV, too, but I never played it until I came here."

Put in context, the confusion is easily sorted out.

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Michael J. Fox Paces Through Life of Writing
Mike Seccombe

Michael J. Fox, television and movie star, has walked his share of red carpets over the years. These days, though, he walks a more nondescript bit of floor covering: a cheap sisal mat in the garage of his Aquinnah house. Pacing, back and forth, doing laps of the pool table trying to harness the involuntary energy of his illness. Hours upon hours of pacing.

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For Truman French, Being Valedictorian Reads: Hard Work
Sam Bungey

Sitting outside Up-Island Cronig’s earlier this week, Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School’s 2008 valedictorian Truman French appeared to wearing much of the earth he had shifted around a Chilmark home that day, during a 12-hour landscaping shift.

“I’m trying to get a couple years’ college paid for,” he explained. Along with the rest of his class, Truman finished his final classes less than a week ago.

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A Quiet Leader, Warren Doty Dedicates Himself to Chilmark
Julia Rappaport

When Warren Doty first moved the Vineyard in the late 1970s, the Menemsha harborfront was booming.

“Then there were five boats landing 10,000 pounds of sea scallops every three days,” he recalled. “There was a work force of ten shuckers in three different shucking shacks. That’s 30 Islanders working on the docks with about fifteen on boats. The season lasted from October to April every year. There were 45 to 50 jobs in Menemsha for six to eight months during the season.

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Vera Shorter Is An Artist of All Things Possible
Julia Rappaport

The day outside was cold. A real winter northeaster was blowing in and the gray clouds above promised snow. The door to Vera Shorter’s Vineyard Haven home, however, was open.

She had just indulged in what is quite possibly her only vice she said as she spread a stack of ginger snaps on a plate. She braved the cold so her home would not smell like the cigarettes she cannot seem to give up. She would hate for the smoke to offend the guests who stop in from time to time.

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Class Valedictorian Headed to Wheaton
Megan Dooley

It seems appropriate, somehow, that the first reward Bethany Pennington received upon hearing that she was the valedictorian of the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School class of 2009 was extra homework.

“The principal called me into his office and said, ‘You’re the valedictorian. You have to make a speech at graduation and it’s due in three weeks,’” she said, laughing, in an interview at her father’s office yesterday.

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