Last week one of the Vineyard’s many wintering snowy owls was found dead at Harthaven.

Feb. 28, Flip Harrington and I flew from the Vineyard to Santiago, Chile, arriving, after an overnight flight, at 6:50 a.m. for a birding adventure.

A greeting of red-winged blackbirds and American goldfinches that are a darker shade of yellow was a treat at our feeder prior to the storm earlier...

It is no coincidence that we start seeing migrants after we finally have some warm weather. It is about time!

It is about time temperatures have soared all the way into the 40s. Maybe now we can start finding some avian signs of the coming spring.

Snowy owls are still hanging around and among the most reliable places to spot them are Norton Point Beach, Quansoo, the West Basin, and lately, East...