He was the Thin White Duke, the most glamorous man I’d ever seen. More glamorous than Bianca Jagger, and that was saying something in those Studio 54...
I was one of three boys growing up. We ate a lot of meat, compared scars, had pushup contests and wrestled competitively.
The youngest member of the Greater Boston film press corps, I got to spend a couple hours with Hitchcock aboard a theatre owner’s yacht.
Many people assume that litigation is the only way to resolve a difficult dispute. But there is another, often better alternative — mediation.
Up at first light, three Vineyard birders met at Martha’s Vineyard Airport. Flip Harrington, Lanny McDowell and I were bound for Nantucket.
The first night in the country/I woke in the dark dark —/put my hand in front of my face/and couldn’t tell my hand/was there.
The job of Mother doesn’t require an interview. It doesn’t even ask for a resume. Almost everyone with minimal qualifications gets hired.
At Christmas there is giving, and in the happiest instances, giving with joy is part of it. This act of love is not a natural instinct.
Hokule’a is a replica of the vessels used by Polynesians to settle the Pacific Ocean a thousand years before the arrival of Europeans.