When President Obama and family depart Martha’s Vineyard on Sunday, it will mark the end of another chapter in Island history.
There has been growing public awareness on the Vineyard of the cause and effects of Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses.
Renting mopeds to summer day trippers was a bad idea when it was first introduced on the Island more than three decades years ago.
Dawn breaks, flooding the eastern sky with the first burnished light of the day.
The Vineyard’s coastal ponds are in trouble, and nothing short of bold action will save them.
Twenty-five per cent of Island families whose children attend public schools participate in the free and reduced lunch program.
The Island is gradually acquiring an unfamiliar new reputation — as a sophisticated dining destination.
Like the first ice cream cone of summer, June has been a month to savor this year.
Thirty years ago summer was incomplete without rocking chairs and hammocks.