Lying at her anchor behind the breakwater at Vineyard Haven may occasionally be seen a trim-looking schooner.
As recently as a quarter of a century ago and long back in time before that, every Vineyarder knew Gifford’s Store.
The coast of New England has many legends concerning spectre ships firmly believed by the rugged fishermen.
There was a quiet but pretty wedding at the Parsonage on Saturday afternoon, when one of our popular clerks Albion Alley entered the matrimonial...
Probably the Vineyard is no different from other places in bestowing place names, and eventually forgetting them.
The arrival of a casual guest at a hotel, inn or private dwelling no longer signifies the completion of an arduous journey.
Such quantities of striped bass as were reported last weekend around the Island have not been duplicated in probably half a century.
As dauntless souls left the Aquinnah Shop, the fury of Carol’s breath blew over the barn at Miss Pauline Vanderhoop’s.
Everett Whiting, of West Tisbury, class of 1927 never would stay in his seat at the old Dukes County Academy.
From the September 11, 1942 edition of the Vineyard Gazette:
One of the memorable places of summer is the water’s edge.
“Millions viewed the eclipse.” So said the mainland newspapers, and the Vineyard added its thousands to the common mass.