Opening after a three-year lapse because of the war, the Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society’s annual fair called the Island population on Friday...
From the August 5, 1955 edition of the Vineyard Gazette by Mabel Gillespie:
Another week has passed, and the readers of the Gazette will probably expect something from the Grove.
The house she loves best of all was the focal point of the informal talk given by Mrs. Emily Post of New York and Edgartown at the meeting of the...
From the Cottager’s Corner columns in the July 1972 editions of the Vineyard Gazette by Dorothy West: The Cottagers are now in summer assembly. This...
An active-looking old lady with a sense of humor is eighty four year old Mrs. Ella J. Perry, a visitor to the Island for seventy-two summers.
Edgartown’s Fourth of July ceremonies began on the morning of the third, when the submarine Becuna arrived in the outer harbor.
“The old order changes, giving place to new,” was well demonstrated the other week at Chilmark Tavern.
A ponderous volume indeed: tales of Mrs. Lucy Sanford and Windy Gates.
The rural free delivery of mail throughout the United States is far too old an institution to arouse any particular comment.
The old gilded weather vane that formerly crowned the steeple of the Federated Church in Edgartown hasn’t had an easy time of it.
Memorial Day slips in with a sweetness of the new season and a return of memories.