As the fiscal year nears an end, the high school is anticipating some $230,000 in budget overruns, school accountant Mark Friedman said this week.
Aquinnah became the fifth and final town to approve the use of surplus funds for design work on the high school athletic fields overhaul.
Juggling up to 16 team schedules, boat ticket confirmations and shifting weather forecasts are all part of the daily routine for regional high school...
Four computer science students at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School recently won awards in Code Quest.
Phyllis Vecchia brings history to life, literally.
Taking over coaching duties for a team with four consecutive state championships is a daunting task, but first year girls tennis coach Chris Scott...
For first-year head baseball coach Kyle Crossland, wins are nice but what really counts is having an impact on his players over the long run.
Regional high school students spoke this week by video conference to young people in Iraq, Nigeria, Sweden and Afghanistan.
The question of whether to fund the design phase of the high school track and field renovation project is now up to the six Island towns, following...