First Day of Fair Is Island's Hot Pick
Mark Alan Lovewell

There was record turnout at the start of the 143rd annual Martha's Vineyard Agricultural Society Livestock Show and Fair, which began yesterday. Overcast skies kept people away from the beach, so they came to the fair instead, said Eleanor Neubert, fair manager.

Yesterday's opening day was full of fun and a few glitches. The ever popular Ferris wheel, which gives riders a skyline view of the fairgrounds, broke down in the first hours of the fair. The apparatus had to be hand cranked so riders could get off. "They've ordered a part," said Ms. Neubert.

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Wild Rides and Big Crowds for Agricultural Fair
Mark Alan Lovewell

Along with the Ferris wheel and the tilt-a-whirl, one of the wildest rides of the Martha's Vineyard Agricultural Society Livestock Show and Fair this year was provided by the weather.

Eleanor Neubert, fair manager, said the weather gets much of the credit for the fact that attendance this year totaled 27,887 people, more than a thousand above last year's total and an all-time record for the fair.

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Agricultural Society Annual Fair Begins with Blue Skies, Sunshine
Max Hart

It may be only a few minutes shy of 10:30 in the morning, but as Rocky Magnuson reminds the stream of people walking by, it's never too early to enjoy a little kettle corn.

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Agricultural Society Livestock Show and Fair Sets Record for Attendance in Four Days
Mark Alan Lovewell

The 144th annual Martha's Vineyard Agricultural Society Livestock Show and Fair set records in attendance, and participation, resulting in shortages in unexpected ways.

"This is even better than the Clinton years," said fair manager Eleanor Neubert, who reported attendance of 29,022 over the four-day fair, up more than a thousand from last year.

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Annual Agricultural Fair Promises Four Days of Fun, Competition
Rachel Nava Rohr

This week brings the dog shows and skillet throws, tractor pulls and spinning wools, oyster shucking, horse bucking, burger making and prize taking that make up the 145th annual Martha's Vineyard Agricultural Society Livestock Show and Fair - better known in a single breath as the ag fair.

The festivities begin Thursday at 10 a.m. at the agricultural hall in West Tisbury and close on Sunday at 7 p.m.

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Agricultural Fair Welcomes All Comers
Rachel Nava Rohr

It was nearing four o'clock at the Martha's Vineyard Agricultural Society's 143rd annual Livestock Show and Fair on Saturday - time for the Birds of Prey show to begin - but in the heart of the crowd beside the tent full of owls and hawks, it was not a peregrine falcon but rather President Bill Clinton who was attracting the attention.

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Ho for the 146th Livestock Show and Fair!
Julia Rappaport

The gates opened half an hour early this year for the 146th annual Martha's Vineyard Agricultural Society Livestock Show and Fair because of the number of people milling in the parking lot. And at 10:45 a.m. yesterday the line in front of the West Tisbury firemen's hamburger booth was the shortest it will be all weekend. At peak hours, the wait for a grilled-to-perfection burger can take up to 15 minutes, but on this morning, only two people were waiting, their elbows up on the counter.

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Pigs Race, Women's Skillets Fly at Weekend of Agricultural Fair
Jim Hickey

An account of the first Martha's Vineyard Agricultural Society Fair, which at the time was called simply the fair and cattle show, from the Oct. 14, 1859 edition of the Vineyard Gazette recounts that the show was "well attended by people from all parts of the County."

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Ag Fair Votes Don Sibley’s Japanese Maple Best Bonsai

Members of the Martha’s Vineyard Bonsai Society asked visitors to their display at the Agricultural Fair to choose their favorite bonsai. The clear first place winner was a Japanese maple grown by Don Sibley.

The number of votes for the following honors was very close; in second place was a cedar forest grown by Jeff Donaroma, and in third place, a Chinese elm grown by Betty Trider.

Three plants were awarded honorable mention: Vincent Dellatorra’s grape vine; Ernie Carlomagno’s small leaf jade and his Shimpaku juniper.

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Blue Ribbon Winners and More: Agricultural Society Fair Results

Junior Goats

General, over 2 years doe: 1. Thea Keene, 1. Adelaide Keene.

Junior Swine

General, Sow under 1 year: 1. Nathaniel W. Packer, 2. Charlotte Packer, 3. David Packer.

Junior Swine, General, Barrow under 1 year: 1. Nathaniel W. Packer, 2. Charlotte Packer, 3.David Packer.

Junior Swine, General, Barrow over 1 year: 1. Nathaniel W. Packer, 1. Charlotte Packer, 2. David Packer.

Junior Sheep, Pure Bred, Sheep: 1. Lucy Tompson, 1. Oscar Thompson.

Junior Sheep

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