I can’t keep up with the weather. One day it is beautiful and warm and the next day is cold with a wind chill of some ridiculous number.
The most unexpected bird this week is the Eastern phoebe reported by Mike Ditchfield, which he found in Dark Woods on Feb. 10.
I know it will not last but I’m enjoying looking out the window on Tuesday afternoon and seeing the first real snow of the winter.
Fern & Feather Preschool at Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary is having an open house on Saturday, Feb. 16. from 10 to 11 a.m.
Joseph Dias was a fellow lover of trees.
It’s winter and you have been sitting on your couch for too long.
A dog came and went within a half hour. Rusty is a hound mix. That’s the way we like to place them.
As You Like It, performed by students at the regional high school, opened last night at the Performing Arts Center.
By day Jack Ryan works behind the counter at the West Tisbury post office.