I am the cemetery walker. This is not a grim or macabre title. Rather, it’s one of the most spiritually connected aspects of my life.
Ten years ago I started a term as a Tisbury selectmen.
Deep Water Blues by Fred Waitzkin, Open Road, 143 pages, $17.99 .
I feel a kinship with the Goss Community Press that prints the Vineyard Gazette every week.
reach of day
From the Sept. 10, 1926 edition of the Gazette:
Every year, the fourth Tuesday in September is National Voter Registration Day.
In June 2018 I witnessed a close call when a car almost struck a child crossing the street on his bike west bound on the Edgartown-West Tisbury road...
On Saturday Sept. 7, I went to the Edgartown Post Office as I do almost daily.