Years ago we had a fifth grade exchange student from Manchester, England staying with us.
From the April 15, 1938 edition of the Vineyard:
Three years ago, this month, on the eve of a vote for the Tisbury School’s fate, a group of 14 Vineyard Haven residents co-authored a letter to the...
It is sad to see so much trash along our roads.
By now, most of us have been cooped up at home for over a year.
Sundays are for spider speculations.
The beautiful warm spring days are few and far between.
While doing some much needed cleaning at my house I came across five books I was carrying in a bag in my truck.
As the fickle weather glides from warm days to cool days and back again we are reminded of the late spring and early summer to come.
After a week of the heat being down since November, I have just turned it back up.
April 16 is the day Brooks makes that legal transition from boy to man.