Annie Howell recently released an original album of harp music called Silverfrost.

Magic Music began during the late 1960s when Will Luckey, a Martha’s Vineyard native, left the East Coast for boarding school in Colorado.

A family of four was first in line at the entrance booth Thursday morning, waiting to buy their tickets for the first day of the Martha’s Vineyard...

Danielle Mulcahy's collection of animal paintings, BarnYard Saints, features animals with Renaissance-style halos.

In a forum last Saturday, Nate Parker — writer director, and lead actor of the film The Birth of a Nation — said raising funds was the hardest part...

Life, Animated is a documentary film based on Ron Suskind’s New York Times bestseller.


Arts Briefs

Spindrift Studios announces a new alliance with the Boston Ballet.

Here comes the annual Martha’s Vineyard Wind Festival on Saturday, Sept. 10.

The Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse opens its latest play The Second Girl with previews on Friday, Sept. 9.