When Alex Trebek, Bruno Mars and Queen Elsa from Frozen turn up in a 20th-century fairytale romance, you know you’re in Jabberwocky country.

Sisters-in-law Betsy Banks Epstein and Elinor Svenson, edited a book called Still Becoming: Conversations With People in Their Sixties.

Island author and linguist Herbert Foster's new book Ghetto to Ghetto: Yiddish & Jive in Everyday Life.

In a cloud of smoke and shower of blue sparks, Island sculptor Jay Lagemann blasts the stainless steel braids of his newest humanoid creation with a...

Whimsical wordplay and colloquial comedy are coming to the Vineyard next week with a live performance of the hit radio quiz show Says You!

Ashley Medowski is hosting her annual summer show on Saturday, August 11 from 5 to 8 p.m. at her gallery on Lambert’s Cove Road.


Arts Briefs

Shark expert Dr. Greg Skomal speaks Thursday, July 26 at the Tabernacle in Oak Bluffs.

An exhibition of Jeanne Staples’ recent oil paintings and drawings will go on view at the Granary Gallery.

The Portuguese Holy Ghost Feast and Festival begins on Saturday night, July 21.