Lucy Van Pelt could be a difficult character, dispensing advice for a nickel, but just as quick to dispense aggression.

Radio storytelling took the stage on Friday and Saturday nights, when performance artist Dan Froot brought his acclaimed Pang! to the Martha’s...

Sabrina Luening has spent most of her life singing for the Island. On Saturday, the Island sang for her in a community benefit.

The shingled Kennebec avenue bungalow housing the noted Oak Bluffs eatery Red Cat Kitchen was sold this week for $690,000.

Martha’s Vineyard magazine won two honorable mentions this week at Folio magazine’s 2019 Eddie and Ozzie Awards ceremony in New York.

A benefit concert will be held at the Cardboard Box in Oak Bluffs on Saturday, Nov. 4. for Sabrina Luening, who is in a Boston hospital after...


Arts Briefs

Tasty times are arriving at Featherstone Center for the Arts for the annual Art of Chocolate event.

The Sargent Gallery will have an open house during Columbus Day weekend, from noon to 5 p.m., Saturday through Monday.

Wayne Smith has been a photographer on the Island and elsewhere for many years.