I feel a kinship with the Goss Community Press that prints the Vineyard Gazette every week.

reach of day

From the Sept. 10, 1926 edition of the Gazette:

Sunday afternoons in the summer were for jazz. That’s what the boss wanted, and that’s what she served up.

I would rather be talking about frogs, but sadly this summer frogs have not come under my purview.

Sometime by the early 1900s, Islanders learned that they could rent the most primitive of dwellings to city folk for summer vacations.


Letters to the Editor

The Vineyard has always been a place of community and inclusiveness, where open dialogue, democratic ideals and respect for others' opinions, even...

While vacationing with us on the Vineyard, my sister in law injured herself and was treated at the Martha's Vineyard Hospital.

We just returned from six weeks on your terrific Island.