Cole and I will never be true Islanders, but when we see each other now we are Islanders in our own way.

In the 1970s, Vineyard conservationist Henry Beetle Hough suffered the greatest conservation defeat of his life.

From the August 5, 1955 edition of the Vineyard Gazette by Mabel Gillespie:

August is the month when ocean swimming is at its best and with the recent heat wave, this year that is more true than ever.

An Island phenomenon that reaches its apex in August: the big-ticket fundraising event.

August has its own distinctly different rhythms.


Letters to the Editor

Garri Saganenko’s Sept. 27 letter to the Gazette seems to express the wish that we build a wall around the Island.

I want to bring to your attention Maurice Scott, worker at Murdick’s bakery, and his nephew Daville Richards.

More buses, less traffic.