Writing this comes as a surprise. I could never have imagined that a decision I made at age 21 would be such fodder for scrutiny today.

From the spring 1986 editions of the Vineyard Gazette:

It is back to the drawing board for the Martha’s Vineyard Refuse District and its plan to expand the transfer station.

Like its namesake off Bermuda, the Edgartown Triangle has long been the site of mysterious disappearances, mail mostly.

Every year on the Vineyard we dispose of millions of plastic shopping bags. Millions. Though they take a variety of paths, almost all eventually end...

On Tuesday, March 22, my husband and I landed at the Brussels airport. This voyage is in my DNA.


Letters to the Editor

It’s disappointing that the Chilmark selectmen would vote on the proposal of MV@Play without including the volunteer proponents.

Here is a sampling of some recent and upcoming on-Island events.

Many have asked me why MV@Play, the project to improve and expand the high school athletic fields, is so important to me.