Perhaps the long Columbus Day weekend will bring one more swim, maybe the last of the year, or the last few walks without a jacket. Time to pull quilts and sweaters out of hiding, stock the woodpile, and prepare for the first frost.

October 9, 2014

The weather was gray and drizzly Saturday, but that didn't put a damper on homegrown fun and festivities at the Living Local Fall Festival.

October 5, 2014

The tips of certain tree branches are changing colors, pond edges are attaining a golden hue, and blueberry bushes are perking up with that trademark red.  It must be October.

October 2, 2014

Tarpaulin Cove in autumn is among the most serene of places. It is a distant harbor, situated close by. The tiny cove on the south side of Naushon is rich in history going back centuries.

September 30, 2014

The crickets are trilling and the skunks are on the move as autumn began this week. Soon, leaves will blaze and lawn furniture will move inside. But for now the sun is out and more than a few souls are still taking advantage of beach moments.

September 28, 2014

The seasons may be changing, but the surf is still enticing to kiteboarders and surfers, who spent the last few days of summer hitting the waves.

September 23, 2014

Cape Pogue Gut on a perfect autumn day is the place to be, and when the fish are blitzing it's all you can do to haul the fish in fast enough to keep your hook in the water.

September 23, 2014

The annual Martha's Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Kids' Day brought crowds to the Oak Bluffs Steamship pier early Sunday morning. Even before the sun had risen, the two hour fishing competittion was underway. The contest is open to all kids ages 4 to 14.

September 21, 2014

Warm days and cool nights are a constant of September. Just as dependable as sunrises and sunsets.

September 19, 2014

The opening bell for the 69th Martha's Vineyard Bluefish and Striped Bass Derby rang out Sunday morning, and Island fishermen were ready. Within 20 minutes of the opening bell, all four species had crossed the scale.

September 18, 2014

Ah, September. The haze lifts from the skies and spectacular sunsets arrive. Fishermen restock their tackle boxes and line the shore in search of the elusive monster striper. And gatherers descend to the ocean's edge to pluck beach plums.

September 12, 2014

The Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah) celebrated its 10th annual Island powwow Saturday and Sunday at Aquinnah Circle.

September 8, 2014

A ruffle of a breeze was all that was needed Saturday for the fourth annual Wind Festival celebration at Ocean Park. Dozens of people gathered for kite-making workshops and kite-flying contests for all ages. The event continues until dusk.

September 6, 2014

After temperatures dipped down to the chilly side, the first week of September saw a return of summer-like weather and Vineyarders headed back to the beach to take advantage of the late season bonus.

September 5, 2014

President Obama's Vineyard vacation came to an end on Sunday, as the President and First Family departed the Island after a 15-day stay.

August 28, 2014

Tradition holds that wearing white after Labor Day is a fashion faux pas. If you follow the old rules you have one more day to offset your tan with those sharp white pants. But following the rules is no fun . . .

August 28, 2014