Many cheerleaders for yes on Question One do not live in Tisbury, including a number of businesspeople.
There is a clear proposal for Oak Bluffs to vote what other towns on this Island have voted for, which is no more moped rentals.
The following letter was sent to the Oak Bluffs selectmen.
I want to share some good news.
We would like to thank Oak Bluffs for becoming the sixth town to overwhelmingly support a plastic bag bylaw.
After a spirited campaign, the voters of West Tisbury have spoken and elected Kent Healy as selectman.
Woodside Community Gardens wish to thank Rebecca Gilbert and Randy Ben David for their generous donation of compost
There needs to be incentive for a more sustainable restaurant culture, and this begins with a vote to allow full liquor licenses.
I would like to share information on West Tisbury warrant articles for the construction of rental apartments at Scott’s Grove.