Last night I drove home from a trip off-Island through heavy holiday rush hour traffic.
The British newspaper the Guardian had a recent article about research of PFAS.
It just breaks my heart when I hear of yet another case of a broken promise relevant to our Island community housing issue.
n 1975, my grandfather, Roger DeFeo, went to Martha’s Vineyard with his older brother Lawrence to find an ideal place to build family homes.
I am writing in support of Navigator Homes of Martha’s Vineyard as proposed on land in Edgartown.
I would like to give a shoutout to Edgartown’s highway superintendent, Allan Debettencourt, and his employees.
Each year for almost 30 years now, I have asked many people to do their part to help create the tree lighting ceremony.
On a recent afternoon, one of our booksellers called me to let me know that a gentleman had just come into the bookstore and wished to speak with me.
After two tornado warnings in the past months, I decided not to panic.
I live in a residential neighborhood on the south side of Oak Bluffs.
The Black Lives Matter organization of Martha’s Vineyard offers the following comments on the plan issued by the Chilmark town affairs council.
The Martha’s Vineyard Commission’s unanimous vote to approve the hulking Tisbury Marine Terminal redevelopment project suggests the unwelcome...