The following letter was sent to the West Tisbury selectmen.
West Tisbury selectmen received the final report of the committee to develop a new allocation formula for the Up-Island school district.
As of yesterday, our government has betrayed Muslim soldiers and interpreters.
I live on an Island that will be significantly impacted by sea level rise and extreme weather as a result of climate change.
I second Paul Doherty’s motion re: nips.
I am writing about an issue that I can no longer stay silent about: plastic nip bottles.
I still believe that no matter how much we protest and march, this government will rush straight into increasing fossil fuels.
I diligently read the Bird News, to keep up with my Vineyard birder friends and would-be bird friends.
This eliminate-all-the-deer crusade is getting out of hand. There is more involved than adding two weeks in January.