The Oak Bluffs board of selectmen gave our community a glaring example of why over 40 per cent of eligible voters stayed home on election day.
We don’t need a lot of words to praise Rick Karney’s work in shellfish culture or himself. He was finest kind!
The recent statements from the NRC about the dangers of the Plymouth nuclear power plant must not be taken lightly.
I hope Tisbury residents will ask the selectmen to protect the Bradford pear trees on Clough Lane.
Playing five years of Martha’s Vineyard football had to be one of the best parts of growing up on the Island.
Thank you from the Edgartown School PTA to supporters and volunteers who helped make the school Halloween party a huge success.
Let’s face it; if the character and beauty of this Island is its lifeblood, the second home industry is a form of incremental suicide.
The Nov. 25 Gazette carried an article announcing a new record for land bank revenues: $ 1.12 million in one week.
One need not have to look to our new Washington regime to witness discussions on second class citizens.