In recent letters to the editor, coaches, parents and young athletes professed the safety of plastic grass.
Do we really want to continue on the path of disconnecting with what’s real, till we totally max out all our resources?
The Martha’s Vineyard Film Society would like to extend a hearty thank you.
• Equine Enthusiasts Editors, Vineyard Gazette:
What I hope will stand as the pinnacle of gun violence in our community was experienced at Lucia Moffett’s memorial service.
It’s disappointing that the Chilmark selectmen would vote on the proposal of MV@Play without including the volunteer proponents.
Here is a sampling of some recent and upcoming on-Island events.
Many have asked me why MV@Play, the project to improve and expand the high school athletic fields, is so important to me.
The past number of years I have noticed a sharp decline in the Island gulls.