Squibnocket Beach and Pond is threatened by a minority of Chilmark officials and voters.
I’m writing from Kilkenny, (a medieval city, south of Ireland).
I continue to be dismayed that the Island does not mandate recycling.
For the past two weeks on the Vineyard I have been on the lookout for Barack Obama.
As a seasonal Edgartown resident, I have attempted to find ways to fit into and enhance this wonderful Island community.
I am so pleased to see the increase in MV license plates (with the Islander logo) on the Island.
The 2017 annual report of Martha’s Vineyard Hospital is entitled “Caring for Our Community,” which is a great title.
Suddenly dogs aren’t allowed, even on a leash, in a number of conservation areas on the Island.
While on my recent trip to Martha’s Vineyard I visited many friends, including an old friend in West Tisbury.