While I applaud the new opioid law, I was disappointed the law didn’t address the lack of accessible and quality treatment on demand.
Some Islanders may be aware that the budget and warrant articles in each town are determined by its board of selectmen.
The following letter was sent to the Martha’s Vineyard Commission.
Regarding the story headlined “Reproductive Health to Parenting, Family Planning is Family Asset” (Gazette, March, 22).
Have always enjoyed Lynne Irons’s commentary on what’s happening plant-wise on Martha’s Vineyard but can’t agree with her recent political commentary.
Hello! I am a fourth-grade student at the Charlotte Latin School in Charlotte, N.C.
With deep appreciation the Martha’s Vineyard Family Center acknowledges the generous gift of an installed, energy-efficient HVAC split system.
On March 15 the Oak Bluffs finance committee voted 7-1 against purchasing a beach rake/cleaner to restore and maintain town beach.
Two times this week people mentioned the threatened road at the end of the seawall, by Farm Pond, and suggested sea level rise as the problem.