Let’s face it; if the character and beauty of this Island is its lifeblood, the second home industry is a form of incremental suicide.
The Nov. 25 Gazette carried an article announcing a new record for land bank revenues: $ 1.12 million in one week.
One need not have to look to our new Washington regime to witness discussions on second class citizens.
The Tree Lighting “event” in Oak Bluffs burns brightly with music and laughter.
The Gazette’s series on hunger on the Vineyard is timely and welcome.
Many thanks to Islanders who made needed contributions to the Island Food Pantry before Thanksgiving.
• Beautiful New Drawbridge Editors, Vineyard Gazette:
As anyone knows, the population of skunks is a continuing noxious menace.
All the discussion about Tashmoo eelgrass, all the meetings and formation of an eelgrass committee, was a waste of time.