I moved to Martha’s Vineyard 12 years ago and have found one area, women’s alternative care, lacking.
Re: the story in the Gazette last week about welcoming ceremonies for a visiting veteran.
We are residents of the houses abutting Washington Park, where the Martha’s Vineyard Craft Beer Festival was held.
I’m sure I am not the first to consider it a stroke of great fortune to be treated at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital.
The new Lagoon Pond drawbridge not malfunctioning like the old but opening slower reminds me of a saying.
I want to thank everyone that helped the 39th Tivoli Day to be the most successful ever.
I want to thank everyone involved in making the Lia Kahler and Friends concert and silent auction held at the Chilmark Community Church on Sept. 11,...
Anyone who has not heard the name Charlie Blair must be trapped beneath a barnacle.
On Sunday, August 21, I fell on the Blackwater Pond trail and broke my shoulder.