When you obscure the confederate flag, you will have no tribute to the Civil War because the American flag did not change.
Suddenly, my legs came out from under me and my arms were flailing. I attempted to break my fall but came face to face with the sidewalk!
It is important for Island parents to remember that as their children were making their way through the Island’s public school system, they received...
Your recent article on beach access contained some references to the position of the MV Surfcasters Association which I, as a member, don’t...
This is at least the second incident involving an attack by Bilzerian-owned American bull dogs.
On Friday night, June 19 at the VFW, branch members and community friends of the MVNAACP celebrated Juneteenth with restaurateur Chef Deon.
I’m feeling ashamed today after witnessing the destruction of several majestic trees, over three centuries old, whose only crime was to be in the way.
Recent appointments suggest we are entering a golden age of education on Martha's Vineyard.
I have enjoyed driving Vineyard students to and from school over the past 13 years