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I picked up a hitchhiker last Friday morning while driving down my extremely long dirt road. His name was Jay.
I had been growing food on a small plot in the corner of the farm for a couple of summers when my Aunt Marie told me she was ready to call it quits.
My grandfather was ninety-six years old when he died. He tripped, a bucket of fertilizer in one hand and a shovel in the other.
Expanding operations at Island Grown Initiative’s Thimble Farm were a topic of concern among neighbors during a hearing at the Tisbury selectmen’s...
The farmer invited us inside his home to join his wife and cat. We sat on fold-out chairs around a fold-out aluminum table next to a wood stove.
Nicholas Freeling was born in London in 1927, known mostly for his series of crime novels that began after three weeks spent in a Dutch prison.
Ethel Sherman, much loved for her sweet laugh and tart wit along with her jams, died on Sept 4. at age 91. A graveside service is Sunday.
Mrs. Sherman, who sold jams at the market, died on Sept. 4 at the age of 91. She and her husband Ralph mentored countless Island farmers.
Morning Glory Farm introduces its second cookbook with a reading on Tuesday at the farm stand. "In this book, vegetables are the stars," said Jim...