After reading the recent controversy over Lynne Irons’s garden column, I also felt a need to speak up in defense of her writing.
You are invited to the second visioning session on the future of the Aquinnah Circle on March 2 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Old Town Hall.
For three years now, the emergency food program has been the recipient of Stop & Shop Food for Friends annual holiday food donations.
On Sunday, Jan. 31, a memorial was held at the Chilmark Community Center for Dr. Marianne Goldberg of Chilmark.
I was reading this week’s Gazette this morning and was quite surprised to read a letter to the editor criticizing Lynne Irons and her column.
The high school performing arts department presented this year’s musical Chicago to packed houses.
As we all remember, Saturday, Jan. 23 brought a pretty fierce storm to the Island that steadily intensified as the day went on.
I beg to differ with Woody Williams, who wrote disparagingly of your gardening columnist, Lynne Irons.
Mr. Williams says that after having read columns by Lynne Irons “a couple of times,” he “did not find them very interesting.”