A direct correlation between killing off red foxes and sharp increases in Lyme disease has been found.
On Martha’s Vineyard, a group of Islanders and visitors will gather at 6 a.m. near the Gay Head light in Aquinnah.
I am writing to alert readers to a recent development in our understanding of tick-borne illnesses.
The number of deaths, injuries (and recently dismemberment) because of mopeds on Martha’s Vineyard is no longer acceptable.
It’s time for pedestrians to show some courtesy — toward drivers!
Snobbery, rudeness and a false sense of entitlement have no place in our fund-raising events.
The following letter was sent to the Edgartown selectmen and planning board.
Hats off to Thomas Sullivan for suggesting that we introduce foxes to the Vineyard.
Sunday I saw a vehicle driving north on South Water street in Edgartown through the Cooke street intersection.