On Page Ten in the August 5 Gazette, I read the Workforce Housing Partnerships “Who’s saving your life?
After two summers of noise it appears that the building project next door is nearing completion.
Along with our fishermen, please cherish our farmers. They feed us.
The Oak Bluffs Public Library would like to express it’s gratitude to Mark Crossland and Crossland Landscape.
As longtime users of the mosquito magnet, we would like readers to know that service from the company is non-existent.
My husband, Michael arrived at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital on June 11 with the best of intentions for rehab and recovery.
The Library Friends of Oak Bluffs thank the community for making our recent annual book sale a rousing success.
As Barack Obama visits Martha’s Vineyard for the last time as president, it may be a good time to reflect on his legacy.
Dear President Obama, Thank you for your dedication in leading our country during the last eight years.