The Gay Head 10K committee would like to thank everyone who helped to make the fourth annual Gay Head 10K a success.
Dick Johnson’s op-ed piece pointed to the one simple way to reduce tick-borne diseases: reduce the number of deer.
I want to shout out to all those who still celebrate Halloween in Oak Bluffs, which has become a ghost town (pardon the pun).
Terry cared that we learned and she expected good behavior in her classes.
The little brothers and little sisters of Martha’s Vineyard are very fortunate.
The League of Women Voters would like to talk about resources available for the voter this year.
I have read and re-read Thomas Dresser’s excellent African Americans of Martha’s Vineyard.
I moved to Martha’s Vineyard 12 years ago and have found one area, women’s alternative care, lacking.
Re: the story in the Gazette last week about welcoming ceremonies for a visiting veteran.